We have been able to gather some more information from Birmingham County FA/FA and the senior committee have taken a vote this evening as to how we proceed.
With a next government review into the Tier levels due to take place on the 13th January and 2 out of our 3 leagues that our teams play in suspending fixtures until after that review a majority vote has carried to suspend all Hillmorton FC’s team activity, which includes, training, friendlies and matches, until after this review has taken place where we expect some more clarity and guidance to ensure a safe return and environment for all our members.
Again we completely understand some will be frustrated by the decision however in unprecedented times we are only trying to ensure the best way to navigate through them whilst keeping the safety of everyone at the foremost and protecting The NHS and emergency services.
We are all keen and eager to resume at the earliest and safest opportunity whenever that may be.
Again anyone with serious concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.
If any further advice or updates become available we will post them at the earliest opportunity.
Please everyone stay safe, follow the government advice and guidelines, stay within your tiers.