Hillmorton Hawks U9’s v Cov Copeswood Cobras U9’s

With no league game schedules and no team able to play any of the previously postponed league games the Hawks took the opportunity to test themselves against the Cobras in three 20 minute thirds.
The game started out with the early possession dominated by the Hawks but after 10 minutes little had tested their keeper.
Whenever the Cobras went on the attack centre back, Isaac, stayed calm and composed, wining his challenges and stepping aside to pass an accurate pass forward.
The Hawks had greater possession then started to produce some chances, one being a lovely cross by James that no one could quite get on the end, then Tom smashed a shot to the bottom left and hit the post.
The Hawks then won a corner but it skimmed passed all the Hawks boys and went out for a Cobras throw in.
A brief scare then occurred when a free kick was given away to the Cobras but the shot went over the bar.
The overall better play by the Hawks was then rewarded when Tom shot on goal which the keeper parried to the side and Riley got back in the goals by tapping it into the back of the net to take the lead and the first third ended shortly after.
The 2nd Third then got underway and the balance of play seemed to pass to the Cobras only for striker Lennon to track back the full length to stop a Cobras shot.
James then went on the counter, making a fine run down the wing but couldn’t quite get his shot away. Reece then stopped a certain chance for the Cobras, winning his challenge and passing to his teammate, only for the next pass to go across the goal and be intercepted by the Cobras who scored to level the scores, from a fine finish in the bottom corner which Finley had no chance of saving.
Reece continued his good positioning and ball winning challenges by stopping a Cobras attack and clearing forward then, not to be outdone, defensive partner Zak, not only produced a last minute challenge to stop a likely goal but then later stopped a cross for a further Cobras chance. The Cobras did then manage a shot which Finley saved, then Zak and Tom combined to clear for a corner which came to nothing. The second third then ended with good defending being the star of the period.
With all scores level, the game restarted, and the Cobras went on the attack, managing a cross which Finley saved but through sheer bad luck, ended up in the Hawks goal after it slipped through his hands. Not the birthday present he was hoping for but like a trooper he continued his fine form and rallied his team to work hard for the rest of the game. It was then Jeremy’s turn to dominate, fired up, he won the ball a number of times from his high energy and press but the Cobras still managed a couple of shots which Finely did well to save.
Then may favourite moment of the game occurred from Zak who won his challenge and slotted a pass down the channel for a great change for his attackers but unfortunately the Hawks looked tired and couldn’t convert it to level the scores. Lucas then made a fine full length dribble down the wing but couldn’t get the pass away for a chance at the other end. Finley was then called upon a couple of more times, for easy saves from tired shots and the game ended.
Worth mentioning was the constant work rate of Lucas and Lennon who worked tirelessly throughout the game, so much so that one even asked to play in defence for a rest but was dismissed due to the threat of their great play being missed if changed.
The toughness in the challenges of Tom and Riley were also pleasing, given the instruction to match the battling style of play of the Cobras.
A close battle between two good teams.
Man of the Match could have gone to two or three players but goes to Zak this time who will captain the side in our first game back.
Match report kindly sent in by Manager Ben Robson (20th Dec)