Hillmorton Lions U11 v Lillington U11 Juniors

Hillmorton Lions U11 v Lillington U11 Juniors
On a chilly and damp morning the Lions made the 25 minute journey to Leamington, to be faced with a similar length journey on foot to find the pitch.
Eventually we all found the pitch and looked forward to a good game.
This match gave us another winning performance from the Lions in a tough and sometimes very physical game.
We started strong but just couldn’t find the back of the net with Samuel’s shot going wide & numerous attacks thwarted.
Eventually the deadlock was broken by Samuel and Owen adding a brace for himself.
Just before the final whistle Noah went on a run and as he entered the box with his right leg cocked to shoot he was took out by a defender. We received a penalty, Noah dusted himself down, stepped up only for the keeper to save it, but Noah cleverly followed his penalty in and managed to get his foot on the rebound and score.
A good solid performance for everyone. Well done.
Squad for this match Jacob, Sachin, Cassian, Jack S, Arthur, Joseph, Noah, Tyler, Samuel, Jack R, Joachim, Owen Max.
Picture courtesy of Dan Evans