Under 9s Clarets

We are the mighty hillmorton u8s Clarets team,

We Formed around Beginning of 2017 we had a mixture of players some strong and some so not, but from 2017 we have kept the same team with no changes and I have given them 100 percent and in return they have give me the same.
All my players have now become of a good standard with some exceptional, with are positive training sessions and the great listening from all the kids.
It’s been very awarding for me to see how far these kids have come, also the Respect they have Showing towards me teaching them.

we entered the Warwickshire league and found Ourselves being promoted into the next league in 2018 then again in 2019 we were promoted, but we seem to be a bit Struggling with some good Challenging games so we find ourselves in a good position but still plenty to improve on,

We have some great strikers and defenders and all round good players, we do struggle for a goalie but now one of are pleasers have sort of settled for this position who has decided to go in goal and he’s become a great goalie,

we also have a great strikers who scores many goals but this is back up by are strong defenders who are stoping goals, are strong midfield supplying the balls, Are team spirit is really good which improves game by game Boosting our team morale.

Whether we win or lose the kids are always happy and have made great friends with each other we are the mighty hillmorton clarets u8s.
And we are all really excited to get back playing football.